Love- Devika Kumar ’16

some people say that love

is like wind

you can’t see it but

its everywhere, always

floating in the air we breathe


some say that love

is like a puzzle, confusing,

frustrating, but when all the pieces fit

the picture is priceless and complete

whole…yes, but

so brittle – one piece removed and

a thriving heart cracks

the picture is never the same


some say that love

is like a roller coaster

there are ups and there are


but at the end, you want to

do it again, just for the rush


but love is much more

he tells me, nothing feels like love

you can’t explain it with a few adjectives

love isn’t just passion, affection, trust

his glossy dark jewels stare into mine

I can hear his heart beating

with every warm breath

Love isn’t about valentines or chocolates

or tangible things, he whispers

into my ear

and shivers run down my spine

spreading a tingling feeling all over my skin

every step is cautious, he tells me

like crossing a tightrope

one misstep and I may fall down

and hit the ground and hesitate to get up

but I have a strong partner, he reassures

whose grip on me is tight

one who will catch me before I slip

who, if I fall, falls with me

and helps pick me up again

he inches closer

lifts my palm to his, rubbing it gently

warmth runs through my veins

he takes a breath, a deep breath

and I long to know what he’s thinking

we must have balance

he adds, tender and soft

to cross the rope unharmed

and there will be times

of wavering stability

and the rope will sway

the other side will look further

and further away

but as long as I have confidence

in the strength of the rope

inching across can be quite fun

cautiously, I slide my arms around

his strong stomach, and bring him closer

he wraps his arms around me, and grins

if every moment can be this alive

then every step can be an adventure

every breath can be blazing

because when we are together

even the worst seems fine

and I smile too, as if

the corners of my mouth are being pulled

by his heartstrings

and I think I understand