Antonyms for Love- Julie Goldberg ’16

You are the reason

I watch rain drip down windows and

the reason I let salty droplets leak

from their ducts, trickle down

my cheeks and slip through

the corners of my lips


See, my teardrops are all recycled


You are the reason

I am always waiting for autumn, yet

when the leaves all abandon their

branches, leaving them with bare

and humiliated limbs, I

lock my bedroom door

And say –

wake me when I can lie with

snow angels.


You are the reason

I have yet to dispose of seven pairs of

stockings with runs down their sides

because they were not always slit

and indecorous and I wore them

when I felt



And you’re the reason

I just looked through a thesaurus, in search

of synonyms for heartache,

And antonyms for love.


She wiped a dot of syrup

Off the corner of her mouth

And laughed as I told her

About the dream I had the night before











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