Where I’m From- Isabelle Empedrad ’15

At 13

I’m from nutella toast and fried bananas with brown sugar

From the swirl of classical music and echoing laughter

Books upon books upon books

I’m from mancala games played in the sunlight, coming in from the big window

Bike rides for miles through green forest

And the surviving cherry blossom tree in the front yard


I listen to all the words to my favorite songs

The melodic tune of the piano

Haunting melody of the cello


At 19

I’m from tear-stained pillows and black and white photos

Expensive silk dresses and blood-red lipstick

Sultry and come-hither smiles

Remembering names and faces

Riches and fancies

A city that never sleeps

Scintillating lights, twinkling


I yearn for fried bananas

To linger by the piano

The smell of when spring arrives


At 24

I’m from Carnegie hall and model shoots

Lofty buildings and hasty reflections

Vodka, wine, and cigarettes

Fleeting, passionate romance

Dark bags under my eyes

Wondering what God has set for me in the future


I sit near the window overlooking the city

I look towards the thin line

Of where I used to be from