Flying into Sanity- Dani Stevens ’15

I used to dream of birds

in the dark, they were

screeching, cawing,

clawing their way

through my open chest,

leaving me drained,

empty, ravaged

trapped in the dark

huffing escaping air

terrified of sleep.

The years came by,

kept passing me,

growing my legs and my mind,

they brought me you

to stand by, to hold,

to cry on

when the dark took over.

Now the birds,

they float so sweetly, softly

wings of roses

scent the air

as they swish

in that beautiful metronome,

to the beat of the blood

strolling through my veins,

the breath

pushing into my lungs

tilt my head back

close my eyes

keep the dream going,

just a bit longer.


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