I am a dreamer- Devika Kumar ’16

I am a dreamer because I see hope

in the pupils of your eyes

and beauty in failure

struggle as a stepping stone

on the seemingly infinite staircase

to success


I am a leader because I am the oldest

of three daughters

the role model because I am

the way I am supposed to be

obedient, respectful, but

opinionated and honest

the way I want them to be


I am an athlete who thrives

in competition

and lives off the adrenaline

only running can provide

because nothing feels better

than exhaustion I’ve earned


I am an extrovert in a crowd of friendly faces

gregarious, outgoing, eager

to meet as many people as possible

make as many friends as possible

raising my hand in class

to have my voice heard


I am a nerd because I enjoy learning,

studying, and teaching

because knowledge is boundless

and I’d like to solve

all the unanswered questions


I am a writer because I don’t plan

every word in an essay, or story

or poem, the words come naturally

like water cascading down a fall

effortless and beautiful


I am lucky because I recognize that

there aren’t a lot of people like me

and I am grateful for who I am

every flaw and every strength